Saturday, 13 December 2008

Going Public With The Gospel

The title of my current reader. Why do we not evangelise publicly anymore? Personal evangelisation is necessary, and forms part of getting the word out, but why the total laxness in public declaration?

My thoughts are that we have become private in our profession of faith, or at least some of us have. To wit, John McCain, who's 'private faith' no doubt helped undo himself in these last elections. The USA wanted to see a public faith. Now, I'm not wanting to start a political debate, so please don't.

What I do want to suggest is that we examine how much of what we believe today, is true, and in accordance with what is on God's heart, i.e., what he has placed on our paths to do, all of these many things prepared for us in advance, and taking the standpoint that if we are not evangelising, we may not even be saved. Sounds harsh, yes?

This is a big topic, I offer no quick 'n easy answers. There is too much to be covered, and this is a blog, not a thesis. How much of the world have we let slip into our beliefs? How do we balance all the various apsects of being a global, world-class Christian? Is the gopsel bringing relief to the poor? Probably not if we are meeting physical needs and not spiritual needs. BUT, and this is a big but, we are commanded very clearly to be with the poor, to free people from injustice, to feed them, to clothe them, to bring sight to theblind, etc, you should know the commands.

Globalization offers no hiding place for Christians, not that we should be seeking any, but recent history shows we have. When church looks inwards, it starts to die, and all the day bemoan the fact that the world is not paying heed to the Gopsel (and therefore we don't need to evangelise anymore). Since when were we told to stay in, and get others in to hear? We must GO, we must preach, we must bring release of suffering to those who do suffer (in all it's forms). We must be Jesus, because we claim we have Jesus. And if we say we have Jesus, and don't live as he lived, we only fool ourselves.

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