Monday, 14 December 2009

This slippery issue called man-made climate change

This is a key issue, but not for the reasons one may think. It has a momentum all of its own and to even murmur that it may not be all that it seems, is political and social suicide. Oh well, too bad. It just doesn't add up.

Copenhagen is the latest in a line of misguided affairs to change something which cannot be changed (the climate) and to ignore the real issues which threaten our common existence. CO2 is made out to be the enemy. We are made out to be evil if we propagate high-carbon deficit technologies or processes, but saviours of ourselves and the entire world if we change our bad carbon ways.

To save ourselves let's start with this: stop the greed. Stop all greed everywhere. Stop it. Don't fool ourselves: carbon is not the problem, greed is. Simple. Until this changes, we can change everything else, nothing will get better.

Merry Christmas.

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  1. i agree totally - in that the carbon is the result of greed. what needs to change is people's hearts and minds. and maybe this can happen through public events like this.

    in the 70's (i think it was) the us had a major problem with litter. everywhere - highways, parks, etc. people just didn't think of it as something to care about. the gov did a major program with signs and fines and public awareness and now we all grow up thinking of litter as a bad thing (unlike in afg or soran). =)