Wednesday, 28 September 2011

A few snippets...

A friend of mine, Charlie Hoggarth, is in hospital after a moped accident. His right leg suffered the brunt of the impact but also has a broken jaw. This happened a while ago, but he’s still in there and hopefully will get out soon. Please pray for him and his path to recovery.

Found out about a movie called the Gospel of Rutba. Great story. Basically, 3 journalists were treated in Iraq, after a road traffic accident, shortly after the start of the invasion in 2003. Shane Claiborne (The Irresistible Revolution: Living as an Ordinary Radical) was one of them. The documentary is about them returning 7 years later to visit those who helped them, regardless of their nationality or the political climate. Check it out here.

I've also rejoined Twitter. I'm @LiveSurreal

One last thing: I'm going to keep this blog as a platform for all sorts of ramblings, cool things, thoughts, issues, news etc. Why split it up? Why be dualistic? :-)

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