Saturday, 3 September 2011

Walking on

I'm getting better at this, only 8 months between entries! To anyone who is listening... :-)

The summer is drawing to a close here, and we are entering a new phase of life, although what that phase is is uncertain. Ethan is for sure the main phase we are in right now, the little guy growing quickly, is extremely energetic and has mastered the power nap to maximise his day and night. The day we don't mind so much, the night is the killer. Yay.

Here's a photo taken just the other day.

The pale white skin is an indication of the summer we have had and the non-seaside nature of it! 

I've completed my degree at All Nations CC and am looking for work in the humanitarian sector. I've applied for a job with Tearfund in Scotland and await to hear if I've made it to the interview stage. Jacqui and I are keen to pursue a few other options too, including the furthering of work with Have Faith UK which looks to support and help children in poverty (that is, alleviating their poverty).

We're enjoying parenthood despite no proper sleep since Master Ethan arrived. Jacqui does better at this than I do, although we both feel like extras in a zombie movie.

As for this blog, I'm going to put more posts on it, and will vary in topic, from Ethan's latest escapade to photos I've taken, to thoughts that come across my slightly tired mind. I'll try not to be too boring.

Oh yeah, please pray for us as we carry on the journey to new horizons, piazzas and communities.

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