Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Conquering Evil by doing Good

Do this, and you will not let evil conquer you. Turn the other cheek and go the extra mile. Divine Subversiveness.

There is talking and there is doing, our personalities and natural bents determine where we fit along that spectrum. Some will say there are only two types of people, namely the talkers and the doers. This is mainly said by the doers. Talkers normally like to say 'fools rush in.' Doers think doing IS talking, while talkers think talking IS doing.

Whichever you subscribe to, the fact is, and I'm guessing you know it, both are required. That would be both types of people, but what about these characteristics being present in one person? That is a harder ask, and there would be no such thing as an exact ration between the two, our uniqueness would make sure of that. But what if the talkers tried doing more, and the doers started thinking more?

I'm pretty sure that both would benefit their natural bent by trying the other. Doing will inform your thinking, thinking will inform your doing.

Be doers of the word.

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