Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Freedom, violence, wrath, God.

This post was intended to be a trial of a weekly roundup of articles that cover the week's biggest stories. However, it was the week of the Sandy Hook shooting, and wanting to give some time for people to mourn, and not jump in with any opinions (John Piper, learn from this; not that you're reading my blog).

I'll point to what others have said, covering some of the aftermath of the shooting and what God has or hasn't done, should or shouldn't have done. Maybe the biggest question is what will we do? Let me clear, I'm not American, so US guns laws don't directly affect me, but the ensuing debate about religion, guns and the law does. It affects all of us.

Kent Annan's take on America's national grieving is sober reading, and looks at what hasn't happened in the USA regarding guns, and why without change, this mourning is disingenuous.

There has been the inevitable 'where was God at Sandy Hook' question, along with many answers, revealing the usual span of religious and philosophical viewpoints and of course, the liberal/conservative divide.

Regarding God's judgment, which is what a number saw as happening at Sandy Hook, James Dobson weighed-in on the issue, with a predictably one-sided view. Morgan Guyton's rather long but deeply thought-out piece goes a lot further in getting to grips with the issue, and is in specific response to a sermon preached by Greg Boyd pre-Sandy Hook, yet covers the response to it.

The problem of violence and it's relationship to so-called freedom is unpacked in Scot McKnight's Freedom Bites Back blog entry.

This weekly thing may turn into a fortnightly...

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