Wednesday, 15 April 2015


Well, where was I?

Much has changed in the last year and a bit since I last wrote. Time to fire up the old blog again and shout into the big, dark empty cave that is the internet. I said that last time too, a bit of an old joke now, but 'last time' did last a longer time than the time before.

I'm going to be posting stuff that is not trying to be 'the most well thought out blog post you've ever read' type of thing. I want to start conversations, make statements that are enquiring and not all-encompassing in answer. Provoke in a positive manner. A dialectic of sorts. Also good writing practice.

So, if my two or so subscribers are still there and not running after kids or saving the world, maybe we could have a bit of banter. All others are welcome too - if you're tough enough. Or just bored.

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