Tuesday, 29 November 2016

The Problem With Playing By The Rules.

Warning: possible generalisations ahead.

Some liberals are seemingly happy to surrender and not fight, because they play by the rules, whereas some conservatives do not. Liberals seem to hold onto the Adam Smith Ideal of the invisible hand when it comes to social and political issues. But the invisible hand has seemingly stopped working, or never did.

The invisible mind that goes with the invisible hand has given us much responsibility, according to what we know, how much we know and what we can understand. This sometimes means people are happier to live in ignorance, because not as much will be required of them, that sacrificial living is unacceptable, and will cost them too much (possibly their autonomy).

So no, the markets and politics won’t balance, because the increasingly opaque hand is manipulating people through fear. To believe that the other is the threat,  irrational fear says that the other will do-to-you what you would do to them, which makes you want to escape the cycle by pre-empting the ‘inevitable’: conflict.

So here’s a start:

Don’t follow the rules. All rules, except one, should be cast aside. Live by sacrificial love, and if this requires breaking the conventional rules, then so be it. Good must overcome evil with good, not with evil. There will be blood.

We need to organize, not merely eulogise or commiserate, or wait for the invisible hand. We have a mandate to do the right thing, and we will do it, or die trying.

Dialogue with those whom you do not agree with, be it politics, religion, et al. Dialogue is not capitulation, it is a step toward understanding. It is gracious, respectful and dignified. The rule is we don’t talk politics. Break that one.

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