Monday, 5 December 2016

To Prep, or not to Prep?

The doomsday-prepper movement has often fascinated me. I would only be involved for the fun of it, for building cool stuff (which is probably what most of it is an excuse for), and having a personal under-ground quiet room, to read, write and blog. Obviously pre-apocalypse because there is still internet!

That scene in the film The Road, based on Cormac McCarthy's book of the same name, where the travellers find that house and open up the basement door to the live human meat store is cinematic fear at its best. Almost as good as a face-hugger jumping out from behind the shower curtain.

All this post-apocalyptic fear, indeed, pre-apocalyptic fear, is good for the box office, but what does this tell us about life and where we stand right now?

The Dakota Access Pipeline has just been successfully halted by strong resistance of all the native American tribes, as well as by some of those who have stood in unity with them. People had been beaten, arrested and abused. Protesters were purposely being kept up at night with noise generated by the powers that be, a tactic to deprive them of sleep which would hopefully create all the problems usually accompanying any tired group of people.

So what next do we have to prepare for? Where is the next flash point, can we keep momentum in the fast, ever-changing life of avarice? Is fighting Trumpism the next theatre of conflict?

It is clearer than ever, for some, what the fight is against. And you overcome evil with good.

The Blood of The Saints.

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